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hello, let me introduce my self start from my name is Trihermawijayanti h. , my friends are usually call me chiima or Herma.

I was born in Long iram on the 15th of june 1994 with gender is women ,i have two sisters and im youngest child, my hobbies are playing badminton,reading and watch comedy its make me happy.

My face is round , i have small and black eyes. Little thick lips and flat nose. My hair is long straight and little blonde black. Im short and normal weight. My skin is not white and not really brown. my religion is chatolic, Ethnicity: Dayak Bahau

i Live in rubber cultivation brass loyal jakarta Royani 1.

my future plans are I am going to improve english and then finish my study in Atmajaya university catolic of indonesia for four years and after that i need be a good teacher for teaching children the next generation better than ever in West Kutai, Amen :)