Chirag Shah


I'm a possibility thinker and can't think "inside the box". Future excites me and I work to make it even more exciting.

I'm a physician by training and a management professional by choice.

I'm blessed with few friends, who come in all sizes and shapes. I love them all and owe my success to them in many ways.

My long cherished dream is to change the way healthcare is delivered or accessed in India. I believe that technology and internet together can do this, provided technology Is made to adopt around human behavior and not other way round. So, to do this human-centric innovation, I have started a healthcare IT company with a vision to "Humanize healthcare technology". (

As a cpmpany we will be focussing more on telemedicine. This is one channel which despite being so old, is under utilized. So we are experimenting with some crazy ideas to make it main stream and work for masses.

I like to collaborate with people and organizations who are innovative, who get excited with future, who resist to confine in conventions and who can naturally see beyond obvious possibilities.

I'm not very complicated. Probably, by now you could have guessed my life's philosophy... if not, you will find me complicated!

If you feel our interests match or we can collaborate on ideas, let's meet for a cup of coffee.

  • Work
    • Lifesciences professional, Entrepreneur
  • Education
    • MBBS, MBA