Chikage Windler

I'm a wife, mom, football fan,
shutterbug, and weather geek. I'm passionate about
weather and have been fortunate to work as a
broadcast meteorologist in Norfolk, Dallas, DC, Boston,
Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York City, Indianapolis and now Austin.

While I get my share of "What's the Weather?" when I'm
out and about, more often than not people ask me about my
unusual name! It's not a stage name...though the "Wind" in
"Windler" is awfully convenient! "Chikage" is Japanese
(I'm half) and means "thousands of views or vistas."
My parents named me after an actress in Japan.

Did I mention I'm also a social media addict? If I'm
not on the tube or hanging with my family,
chances are I'm on Twitter or Facebook or both! I have personal and work pages - so you can get your fill of my adventures or weather updates.