Chika Mezu

Tank Farm Consultant in Lagos, Nigeria

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‎Chika is highly experienced in depot operations and management and co-ordinates operational activities at Atlas energy. These includes product reception, quality control, storage, loading, facility maintenance, safety and security. His primary objective is to ensure that depot equipments are in excellent functional conditions at all times. With over 10 years direct experience in depot-related activities, Chika has responsibility for ensuring compliance with all regulatory standards and maintenance of zero -tolerance accident rate at the depot.

A 2004 graduate of Abia State University, with certification in Safety emergency and impact control, Basic fire safety, safe handling of hazardous materials and waste, Work control and gas testing and BOHSE.

Chika has worked variously at Daddo maritime services, West African Bitumen Emulsion Company, United Marine Dredging company, Integrated oil and gas limited, Taurus oil and gas Ltd and Atlas energy Ltd.You can click the button above to view my portfolio.

  • Education
    • Abia State University