Jessica Intan

Well, I'm not like the other simple people who can describe themselves in 140 alphabet or less. I'm unique, I'm not an ordinary girl, and no one... Once again, NO ONE can replace me... Here goes... I'm Jessica. My close relatives usually call me Chika. But other call me Jessica or Maria. I'm 17, and will turn to 18 in 6th of January. I love to laugh, love to sing, love to watch movies, love to read books, love to write novel, love to create something, love to disturb my mom, love to grab my blackberry, love to take pictures, love korean drama, love chocolate, love ice cream, love noodles, I loooooooooooveeee almost everything :) Actually, I'm a talkative person. I love to share something that makes me happy :) I love to listen to others story. I do what I like. I hate chemical, math, and biology, but I choose science in high school (weird, huh?). I love my friends, I love my dog, I love my family... Special: There are 5 people that I love the most <3: 1. Jesus Christ No one can survive from everything if Jesus is not helping us. Hosanna in the highest, Lord :) 2. My family :) They are crazy, schitzo, weird, freak, extreme, and sometimes gives me headache. But I love them! :) 3. My friends :) I have a looooot of friends. I love GAOL (Agatha, Novi, Livia), I love The Best 4 (Vanessa, Novita, Valeria), I love Finalitez (Maya, Tania, Toms, Torie, Yola, Erol, Mas Rom, Ryan, and others.), I love SOVERDIAN (Angel, Laura, Bianca, Steven, Wahyu, Ferdian, Mario, Marcela, Anisa, Dede, Mega, Dwiki, Evan, ALL OF THEM <3) 4. I especially love KIM BUM & Lady Gaga. I dunno why, but I'm like being hypnotized by them. Kim Bum... I love him. I love his smile, I love his laugh, I love how he talks, I love all about him! Lady Gaga, I love her creativity, I love her difference, I love her songs, I love her appearance, I'm so proud to be a Lil' Monster!! 5. @Poconggg, @radityadika, Agnes Monica, Ryan Higa, Say Wuht Girls, RAN, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Jessie J, Train, others!! I love them!!!!! <3 <3 <3 I think that's all that you have to know about me. You could contact me at: @chikaperiuk on twitter Maria Jessica Intan on facebook on tumblr Ask me for BB pin :) PS: If you think I'm alay and lebay to write this much, WHO CARES? Go get a life. Ciao :8