Chika James-Silas

Lagos Nigeria

Chika James-Silas is a renown Makeup Artist and beauty blogger born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria. She began her education at Loral international primary school and is a graduate of the prestigious Lagos State University. She has a BSc in Geography and Regional planning but eventually opted for People Management, and decided to further her education in the United Kingdom. In June 2009 Chika obtained an M.Sc degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Wales, United Kingdom. Whilst in the UK she had the privilege to work with Transport for London, which has one of the largest work forces in the UK. She returned back home to Nigeria with a determination to put her experiences, multicultural exposure and skills into a course that will effect positive change. She is currently the Head of the verification unit of First Class Verification LTD, which is one of the leading verification companies in Nigeria. As Managing partner at First Class Verification Limited, Chika has gained several years of experience in administrative and Human Resource organizations in Nigeria. She has worked closely with departments in a consulting role, helping managers in the design and implementation of Human Resource policies and procedures. In October 2011, Chika married Entertainment Business Consultant , James Silas who also runs a photography outfit, called Cliq by JamJam. Faced with unending requests for makeup artists at her husband's studio, Chika began to help out the ladies with their looks when it was necessary. She gained so much joy and satisfaction from seeing other women happy and confident from looking good, it became a clear indication that she had discovered what she truly enjoyed doing . Chika's eagerness to help and her ability to identify business opportunities triggered her interest and love for makeup artistry. She carried out extensive research and honed her interest as a freelance makeup artist, until she gained adequate experience. On May 16, 2012 Chika officially Launched Lights Camera and Cheeks Makeup Studio; A 360 beauty palour designed to cater to every woman's beauty and skin care needs. Since Inception, LC and Cheeks Studios has trained over a hundred successful makeup artists and is responsible for many beautiful looks on women from different works of life. Chika is passionate about the blooming beauty industry in Nigeria and is constantly seeking for ways to perpetuate positive change. She uses her website Lights Camera and Cheeks as a m

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    • Makeup Artist
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    • University of Wales
    • Cardiff
    • Lagos State University