chike ukaegbu

Chike has been involved in youth policy research, evaluation and implementation for more than 8 years and partners with other organizations to improve youth service provision. Chike’s research focuses on positive youth engagement, development and empowerment, by addressing the problems of disconnection, poverty, educational disadvantage and opportunity divide.
As an educator and entrepreneurship specialist, Chike’s efforts and dedication to youth development continues to engineer the successful transition of youth from disconnection to entrepreneurship or higher education. He is also a motivational speaker who has spoken to audiences locally and internationally.
Chike is a guest contributor on HuffPost Live TV segments, as well as a Journal and Book Reviewer for the Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy (ASAP) system. He serves as a consultant on Organizational Branding and Marketing and is a recurring speaker at the Center for Nonprofit Success’s Lecture Series on organizational branding and marketing strategies for budding entrepreneurs, Non-profit Executives, Development and Marketing Directors and PR personnel. His lectures include strategies on how to establish and maintain online presence, the importance of individual/organizational branding in the social media age, and effective brand marketing strategies.
Alongside all his endeavors, Chike is also the originator of The {Black:Higher} series, which is an annual Spring commemoration of Black History, Struggles and Experiences . These explore the state, achievements and influence of Black Culture in America, and its impact on our youth.
However, of all these, his greatest accomplishment has been the establishment of his Educational and Entrepreneurship Leadership Fund (EELF) in Africa. EELF gives him the humbling opportunity to better youth lives by providing its Scholars (elementary, secondary and university) with need-based educational scholarships, as well as seed capital to youth entrepreneurs.