Feeding Clinic of Los Angeles

Feeding Therapist, Pediatric Feeding, and child or baby not eating enough in Los Angeles, California

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The Feeding Clinic of Los Angeles specializes in the treatment of feeding disorders.

A feeding disorder is characterized by inhibited intake of solids and/ or liquids that results in the detriment to the health, wellbeing, or development of a child or infant. A child cannot be diagnosed with a feeding disorder if has been determined that eating orally is unsafe.

Many of our patients are feeding tube dependent, are not gaining enough weight, or are diagnosed as failure to thrive. Some of are patients are highly selective eaters whose weight is in the normal range.

A physician referral is needed prior to the time that we evaluate your child as a suitable candidate for our program.

If your infant or child is a candidate for our feeding program, your child will be recommend for either the intensive or non-intensive treatment.

None-intensive treatment is three sessions per week, while intensive is three to four sessions a day (for either five or seven days a week).

Average time frame for treatment for both intensive and non-intensive programs is 4–6 weeks.

We work one-on-one with your child until your child is eating adequate volumes and varieties of food. Once eating behaviors are well established and stabile, we bring in parents for training.

We continue with follow up either by phone, email, or through video footage to monitor progress.