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It’s the most common complaint from parents that their children spend far too long-playing video games. But researchers have now suggested that it could be more favorable for them to take part in the game play than to try and discourage it.

Recently, more than 3,000 parents have taken part in a poll, which was conducted by PopCap a gaming company and found that parents are using smartphones to better bond with their children. 22% of parents said that playing computer games has helped their children to develop better understanding of latest technology.

According to the study, a third of parents play computers and mobile games with their children on a daily basis. 80% of those questioned considering it to be ‘quality time’ and a further one in three saying that it has stretched the bond between them and their children. Research has also indicated that playing games together allowed children to gain a better understanding of technology and these games also works as child development programs. One in five parents stated that their grandparents had also learned how to play web-based games in order to become closer to younger loved ones.

Despite the concern, playing the computer based game has shunned the great outdoors for children, three quarters of parents has discovered that their children also exercised on a regular basis and ate healthy. A further third discovered that taking part in computer game had improved their children’s concentration skills. The study focused primarily on ‘casual gaming’, which has become massively popular after being made extensively available in tablet and smartphone devices.

27% of those who took part in the study said that their children daily asked for their smart phone or tablet device to play casual games.

Cathy Orr, the director of international PR at PopCap stated, 'As technological innovation becomes even more consumer-friendly, we at PopCap are pleased to see video games playing an increasing role within family leisure time.