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Child Fashion Blogger was inspired by the beautiful creature created by the god called ‘child’. Children too, are unique from one another and thus, every child must wear clothes accordingly.

Our blogger is also inspired by a girl Mia, my little girl. I always wanted to pursue my career in Fashion but, initially, couldn’t due to some reasons. I then got an opportunity to work with an International Fashion brand named Salvatore Ferragamo.

I realized that there is something because of which, the mothers are unable to work effectively when it comes to child fashion. Due to some reasons, they are not able to gain a sense of fashion that will turn the child more stylish yet comfortable. I wanted to use both, my fashion and marketing skills into work, and I am happy I executed it the way I wanted to.

This is how I decided to start with blogging, where I can celebrate fashion with children and help them explore the children world. Here, I also provided the central avenue to the parents to the get knowledge of fashion for their children and ways to apply them effectively.

Also, we wanted those small labels that come under children brands to have their own identity & show off the great range. We wanted to this as there are extremely small avenues for the small brand to do so.

This is journey of fun and style in the fascinating segment called ‘Child Fashion.’

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