Bronx, NY

The Children Of Change Overcoming Adversity, Inc. (C.O.C.O.A.), is a community-based organization founded in 2011, aims at hosting events for children with a theme purpose. C.O.C.O.A. is committed to advocacy, awareness and education designed to meet the “critical thinking” and needs of young people living in inner-city communities. C.O.C.O.A. is dedicated to creating comprehensive long-term solutions that give young people in high-risk environments real alternatives to violence and delinquency while addressing the underlying conditions that inexorably lead to a self-destructive life style. C.O.C.O.A. looks to serve youth ages 10 to 17 who reside in these underserved, high crime and high poverty areas throughout the boroughs of NYC. The program is committed to building coalitions with high schools, community agencies and activists, law enforcement agencies, judicial organizations, entertainers, technology companies, safety advocates, libraries, adult literacy providers, secondary school personnel, health care professionals and area residents in order to enable targeted youth to become law-abiding and productive citizens.

Each child has an innate learning style and expresses himself/herself in ways unique to their individual personality. Subsequently, they each learn differently and face varying degrees of challenges both at home and at school. The objective of C.O.C.O.A. is to give under-served children a platform to express themselves, their needs, and the needs in their schools and communities. The idea is to bring them together to explore their talents and mingle in a safe environment with their peers. A Bully-free zone.