fuck mickye mouse

yaoi man in Hell, Norway

fuck mickye mouse

yaoi man in Hell, Norway

Date me

🐺 hi im tord... im a nonbinary minor (you can ask for my age through dm) and i go by he/him

πŸŒ™ im also neurodivergent, again you can ask about that through dm

🐺 im chaotic good, infp-t, and a ravenclaw

πŸŒ™ im dating alex as of 12/9/15 and im love him.... pls dont follow if you have a problem with him thnx

🐺 here is my tumblr ask page and heres my thiscrush

πŸŒ™ some of my interests include eddsworld, steven universe, animals, candy, svtfoe, flowers, etc i forget most of them...,

✨ im tord from eddsworld! not the counterpart ofc,,, uhh being him makes up a large bit of who i am ??? its like rlly important to me so please dfi you kin with me/follow someone who does... thank u in advance

πŸ”ͺ some of my other ids are steven quartz universe, yang (rwby), rin kagamine, and pidge (voltron)

✨ i also tag myself as rin hoshizora and kiyoko (haikyuu)

πŸ”ͺ please dfi you kin as any of those characters and you can ask to follow if you know doubles but i might say no!!

✨ uh thank u for reading this please dm me where you found me if u wanna follow.... thank you!!!!!