Childrens Dental World Winnipeg

Winnipeg, CA, USa

Children's Dental World, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, provides a nurturing, family-oriented environment in which infants, children, adolescents, and individuals with special needs can receive preventive, restorative, and orthodontic care. Operating from two offices in the metropolitan Winnipeg region, Children’s Dental World sees the majority of their patients in a chair side setting but offers general anesthesia sedation to patients who are either unable to be treated chair side or requires invasive dental surgical procedures. As one of only a few dental offices in Canada with an in-house, state-of-the-art surgical suite, the practice is preferred by child patients and parents of child patients who experience dental anxiety. Seven pediatric dentists and a staff orthodontist ensure that patients receive quality care from experienced practitioners without having to endure the potential trauma of a hospital visit.

The practice has established a positive reputation in its community as a charitable business by sponsoring various local fundraiser events for nonprofit organizations. Recent outreach efforts include participation in the Winnipeg Santa Claus Parade and the Teddy Bears' Picnic, a day of entertaining health education events sponsored by the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.