Childs Dreyfus

Designer and Architect in Chicago, Illinois

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We create authentic and cutting-edge spaces that foster innovation, collaberation and community…resulting in a complete transformation from living space to life experience. We believe that design should go beyond color, texture and lighting ~ to enhance current and break-through sectors in the marketplace.

We help our clients make better decisions about the integrity and purpose of personal living spaces – to community and mixed-use spaces. We’re thoughtful about design-driven solutions that are both realistic and aspirational – and always design forward.

Successful interiors capture the essence of their structure and neighborhood, even as they assert their own identity. We understand how people use and experience living and community spaces. We work collaboratively with our clients and communities to inspire the heart of the building…..from the inside-out.

The Childs/Dreyfus Group designs interior spaces for experiential living. Through thoughtful and sophisticated interiors, we guide clients with an eye on measurable performance. Higher productivity and efficiency, greater creativity and innovation, and ultimately, increased occupancy and sales are the end goal. Hitting the mark means designing not just for visual appeal, but also for community, connectivity and mobility.

Our ideas can only become reality when we walk in parallel with the construction and logistics of the project. Throughout the project life-cycle, we provide a project manager, an installation crew and design team to ensure specifications, deadlines and expectations are met. We track critical paths of the project from concept through to final production. Our periodic on-site visits ensure integrity and quality – utilizing both the human touch and integrated software to track project time lines and goals.

Our experienced crews install all elements in a professional and quality manner – always focused on details and security of your site. We mitigate risk with extensive preparation and tracking ~ turning imagination and concepts into reality!