Annette Heffernan

So in the span of 14 years i've moved 6 times and i've been to four continents. I love fashion, more accurately picking out clothes for people to wear. I love to surf and play volleyball, so i guess i'm athletic. I follow Hollywood closely, It is a dream of mine to become an actress. I am a truly hardcore animal lover, I love them all;) I'm pretty creative so I like to decorate things, draw, ect. Music really inspires me, I love to just listen to songs and draw one item for each song and soon i have this really elaborate picture that looks awesome:) I also fine the Joker from: Batman: The Dark Knight, really interesting. I don't really know why.. i just think that dude is WAY cool:)) Something about how crazy he is that no one can predict what he's going to do and pretty much not catch him, is awesome. I think normal is boring, I like unexpected, and loud things. Especially when I dress or do my hair. I do different things everyday so people don't get bored with me, I want them to wonder what i'm going to wear the next day. Or how I do my hair or where i get my shoes/clothes. Thats me:))