Chima Presley

Personal Trainer and Small Business Owner in Lagos, Nigeria

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I am a personal trainer and small business owner currently living in Lagos, Nigeria. My interests range from entrepreneurship to football. I am also interested in travel.

I am a serial entrepreneur and a business coach.

Chima Presley is the "octopus on mini-importation".He started his importation business with as little as 50 Dollars and has grown it into what it is today.

He teaches people globally how to make money online through mini-importation, drop shipping and e-commerce. In addition,he currently has a global mentorship program of over hundred people on mini-importation globally,a good number are doing well monthly.

He is one of the board of directors of De crystals global, a global entrepreneurship enterprise that deals with e-commerce service generally.

He is still single and a lover of God.

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