chimamaka okoli

where HE leads me, I go!

Hi there! i'm Chimamaka...lovely to meet this very special beautiful soul reading this. pheww....ok! actually I think i'm really shy, I love to write simply anything, I'm no introvert, a talker, and an awesomely lovable daughter, sister and friend. oh and yes! Il make a great wife and mother too, *when the time comes*. you can ask my husband and children later. I am totally in Love and completely Sold out to the Master! in the person of Jesus Christ, who lives inside of me. what love! How could I forget? I'm a lover of Languages and a scholar of the French Language for one! *Enchantee...Bienvenue*! and if you are reading this right now, then i am really pleased to meet you and I'm loving you already...there's just soo much love to share. *kisses*.

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