Chimaraoge Ihunanya Davidson

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

How pleasant it is for someone to have a NEW BIRTH. For a nation to have a NEW BIRTH. It is always something to behold and an unforgettable moment in the history of the person. Discovering who you are and what you are here for are somewhat difficult. To some people, it could take years and to some others after series of misfortune and disappointments,crisis etc. However it is discovered, one thing is sure that that circumstance that led to your discovery was meant to happen. It is a plus to your existence and therefore you dont have to dwell so much on that incident or troubled over it. It is true that we have to worry over it but continous worrying will not produce results but actions and firm declaration will produce results.

Therefore welcome to the NEW BIRTH where the past is remebered as a step to success and shared as testimonies for the development of others who might be in such issues presently or in the future. The past shouldn't just be forgotten like that. Am of the view and belief that we should keep it but dont dwell on it, use it to measure your success, and caution yourself to avoid a repeat. That is the NEW BIRTH STAGE.

Once you are born, your biography would have a lot of impact.


We are building a generation of new borns for Africa. A generation for the future, a generation that is equipped for the global challenges of the future and diplomatic relations with the developed worlds. A generation that will say no and mean no and yes to be yes.

Our target is at the secondary school levels and young adults. Organising training sessions for offices to close the gap between coming to office and level of productivity. To reduce to a productive level the acrimony in offices through education and reconciliation. Training our political leaders to understand what it means to be a leader. Having a devotion/training for office leaders and political leaders and discussing as it were real reasons for backwardness and suggest way forward.

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