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Despite the common misconception, the chimney is not just a duct which takes the fumes from the burning wood outside. It is a complex structure with many elements. That is why various kinds of issues can occur when it is not maintained in good condition. One of the biggest culprits is moisture. It can easily creep inside and cause damage when there is not a proper cap in place or the existing cap does not function properly.

Moisture can cause cracking of the crown and of the flue lining. When the lining is damaged, the risk of house fire grows higher. The mortar and bricks can also get seriously damaged by moisture. In such cases, there is a great risk of the entire structure collapsing.

All of these threats to the property and to the people inside can be avoided with regular and effective chimney cleaning and maintenance. You can save a great deal of money on repairs and on the replacement of severely damaged components. Just imagine the consequences of a chimney collapsing. The cleaning and the restoration can be extremely expensive, especially if other structures of the house are affected and this is often the case. It is necessary to provide proper care timely so that you protect your family, assets and income.

Given the great threat which chimney problems can pose to people and property, it is crucial to make the cleaning and maintenance of this structure top priority. These tasks have to be performed with the use of effective techniques and tools and under a strict schedule. When the chimney is clean and in good condition, life is good.