China Commentary

“China Commentary” is an OSI platform providing a window into modern China, as well as serious insight and analysis on the trends that determine China-today and in the future. The aspirations of the Chinese people are of paramount import for stability as are the policies and actions of CPC and its organs. At times it does seem that the two are moving in different directions and here lies the complexities of modern China.

In Party Secretary Hu Jintao’s report to the 18th Party Congress he, stressed the need to continue "taking people as the key", stating delivery of education, medical systems and old age care were fundamentals that the Party expects government to deliver in addition to economic growth and raising standards of living.

In an era in where Chinese society is undergoing deep, and disorientating change and world around in China changing at an even faster pace The standard slogans of the Hu Jintao period: "Peaceful development", "creating a beautiful China", "firmly marching on the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics", do at times seem lame. However, after a serious and detailed analysis of these terms we come to realise that “China’s political watchwords are more than just words — they are concrete outcomes of China’s internal politics”, as pointed out by By Qian Gang in “The 18th National Congress Report Card” .

We also see that relative power in both the economic and military domains has already shifted from the US towards China. This poses a great challenge to the old Asian Order based on US primacy. Here lies the key that determines China's short term geopolitical and economic goals and strategy.

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