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How does Social Media Marketing(SMM)work in China?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the set of technical tools to promote your website on main Social Media platforms.

The landscape of social platforms in China is totally different from the rest of the world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, among others, are all blocked in China.

The main social media channels in China nowadays are :

- Wechat (equivalent of Facebook ,Whatapp, Instagram and e-bay)

- Sina Weibo (equivalent of Twitter)

- Youku (equivalent of Youtube)

Among them all, WeChat Marketing, Sina Weibo Marketing, QQ Marketing are seen as the Top 3 most effective promotion methods for local and oversea businesses.

How can Social Media Marketing(SMM)help promoting yourwebsite in China?

Take WeChat as example. On WeChat, companies are able to create “WeChat Official Accounts” to connect with their followers, promoting their brand or service. Businesses can also set up “WeChat Shop” to sell their products directly to WeChat users and get paid timely and safely by WeChat Pay. In short, Social Media Marketing (SMM) in China allows an active engagement with followers and eventually a good chance of conversion as new client.

In order to deliver, most important for us is to understand your objectives.

From there, we will propose a strategy to promote you in China and the bestdigital marketing tools in China to achieve your goals.
We have specialists in:
*China localization
*China SEO, including Baidu SEO, Qihoo360 SEO and link building in China
*China SEM on all Chinese Search Engine like Baidu PPC, Sogou PPC or Qihoo 360 PPC
*China e-commerce on WeiDian, TaoBao, TMall, and payment methods in China
*Chihna Social media marketing on Wechat, Sina Weibo, QQ , Youku and many more