Niv Schwartz

Consultant and Translator in Israel

The Collaboration between Chinese government and Israeli government in the recent years is skyrising Both registering great achievements of technological collaboration with mutual investments of billions of dollars every year., Chinese investment has written 30% of the sum of the entire foreign capital in Israel in 2015.

This rapid integration between the Israeli and Chinese economies during the recent years has brought great interest of Businessmen to look for opportunities with high-profit potential in both Countries such as diversified investment and seeking for high-end technology products to improve their competitiveness in the rapid-changing Chinese market.

However lack of knowledge and awareness to the differences of the business culture, can sometimes lead a potential deal into a dead-end, or put capital on risk.

Therefore during 2016 Mr. Niv Schwartz (after Studying Mandarin at the Far East and years of experience in the Chinese Market,) has established 中以商桥 ZhongYi ShangQiao, a Firm that its main goal is to aid businesses from both countries to overcome these difficulties. We do more than just making communication easier between sides, and establish trust between sides, we also supply economic background check and law support for every action made between sides between potential partners.

Our main Business Development Services include:

1. Technology Collaboration - We have many success stories of companies who have established technology collaboration in varies fields such as: Agriculture, Water treatment, Medical Equipment, AI, VR, and more

2. Consulting services – Introduction with the target market, possibility check and setting up an efficient and affordable modus operandi, among our clients: public companies and SEOs

3. Remote Agent – We are the sole representatives in Israel of several different Chinese private companies and Chinese state-owned companies.

4. Professional Translation Services - Oral and written translation in the highest level with no mediator fees.

We Have a small but efficient high-quality team who believes in collaboration as the fundamental step for success, and we are opened to any kind of fruitful collaboration with you!