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Shenzhen Solartech Renewable Energy Co., Ltd is a world’s leading solution provider of solar agriculture and water conservancy; a professional manufacturer of solar pumping systems, solar sea water desalination system, solar water-saving irrigation system, solar pumps, solar pumping inverters and solar on-grid inverters. The products are widely used in solar agricultural and forestry irrigation, solar desert control, solar pasture irrigation, solar daily water supply, solar sea water desalination, solar city water landscape and so on.

Shenzhen Solartech, with a professional research team composed of doctors, professors and Chinese Academy of Sciences, The company research center is located in Shenzhen Graduate School of Tsinghua University where there exist national key lab and solar photovoltaic power system research devices. In 2004, the first demonstration base of solar pumping system was established in Shenzhen University Town, in 2006, the research base for solar on-grid system’s application was established. Based on more than 10 years of practical application of solar pumping system in the field of agricultural and forestry irrigation, desert control, pasture irrigation, daily water supply, sea water desalination, city water landscape etc, the solar pumping system has been widely used in more than 100 areas for more than 50 countries in global. Patented technology such as MPPT and anti-islanding detection are the most sophisticated in the field of global solar photovoltaic application.

In order to meet Mankind’s continuous demand of green energy, Solartech has provided a full range of solutions and applications globally. The application projects are the followings: globally the first solar forestry irrigation system in Xinjiang Province for protecting desert highway, globally the first sea water desalination system for military islands, globally the first solar multi-pump system in Shenzhen, globally the first solar drip irrigation system for desert ecological agriculture in Shaanxi, the first large-scale solar pumping system for agriculture irrigation in Pakistan, the first solar pumping system for agriculture irrigation and daily water supply in Uganda, Africa, the first set of solar pumping system for agriculture estates in Dubai.