Martin Isaacs Chinese social media

The Importance of Chinese Social Media when Entering into the Market Making it in the Chinese market is not as easy as one would think. This came as a surprise to Mr. Isaacs, an up and coming businessman in the Chinese market. Isaacs set about starting his business online, offering consumer goods manufactured in other areas of the world. However, he soon discovered that operating in the Chinese market is different than when operating in the Australian or even the US market. Isaacs soon discovered that Chinese Social Media plays a huge role in whether a business makes it within the Chinese market. The Issues with the Chinese Market for Foreign CompaniesWhether you are a foreign company, or a domestic company, you will find that the Chinese market is heavily dependent upon social media. This comes as a huge surprise to many companies as they may not be aware of just how Chinese Social Media is dominating the shopping trends seen online. Isaacs found out the hard way that without social media talking about the company or products that are being offered by the company, Chinese consumers are not interested. One good review online is all it takes to start getting some publicity for what the company is offering the market. How to Enter into Chinese Social MediaDue to the lack of success that Isaacs saw with his company, he decided to regroup and look at new methods for finding success in the Chinese market. This did mean getting a more predominant presence via social media. With this idea, he began a company related Qzone profile, allowing for blogs, photos and videos to be posted. In addition, the company became a member of WeChat, offering discounts and specials to those who are beloved customers of his company. The company also began posted on Sina Weibo, in order to make consumers aware of sales, and to basically ensure the company name was out there. Getting success with Chinese Social Media is not as easy as most people think. In fact, Isaacs has found success is hard to come by, as it is an ever changing world with social media. Trends, changing media, and the like are all components in which a company has to consider when they enter into the Chinese market. After two years in the Chinese market, Isaacs does consider his company to have a strong presence within the market, but also points out there is room for improvement within the market for his company.Isaacs began his company within his hometown in Australia in 2010, then partnered with a local