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Excellence in TESOL, TFSOL, TSSOL, TCSOL, TASOL Studies

(In Campus and Online Degrees)

Our undergraduate and postgraduate courses have all received the highest international ratings and continue to excel both on national and international levels. Our research based degrees and online study programs focus on Developments of Schools, TESOL Professional Certificates, Bachelor of Education, Post Graduate Diploma in TESOL, Master of Education in TESOL, Languages and Literacy, Teachers Development at Primary and Secondary levels; Teachers Training for Teaching English to Children, Teaching Business English, Teachers of Spanish to Speakers of Other Languages TSSOL, Teachers of French TFSOL, Teachers of Russian TRSOL, Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages TCSOL, Training Teachers of Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages TASOL, and Education in Teaching Academic Subjects TAS. Although our major faculty is the faculty of Education, UAMU also provides courses and degrees from faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Health Sciences.