Himanshu Kumar Singh

Just a normal human being..... and nothing special. Me an Electronics Engineer, having little knowledge of few software programming languages. When ever I get time I use to read books of any subject......... I use to trade in stock market about 2-3 days in a week, but when ever I am sure...

Having Interest and little knowledge in : Electronics, Computer Programming, Experimenting with circuits & Software, Indian Mythology, Studying & decoding Geeta, Writing articles on Internet (Blog), Reading books, Trying to make some mobile software, Learning new gadgets specifications, Trading and decoding the secrets of Indian Share Market, sometimes I use to play with Guitar, Piano, and Flute, Looking to the stars through my small telescope, Having the Hobby of Nature Photography, and I am always trying to Invent and decode the secrets of Nature, Universe and Life.... that' me.

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Thanks For Reading Me ..Himanshu Kumar Singh.