Chinyere Ibelegbu

Student in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I am a student currently living in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I am originally from Nigeria but came to Victoria for school. I am a forth year computer science student, majoring in Networking and Communication at the University of Victoria.

I have experience with various programming languages such as java, Python , C and so on. Although programming is not my strongest point, i always strive to improve by asking for help if need be and practicing more.

I am very competitive as I feel this helps me stay motivated to put in extra effort in my work and always be the best at what I do. However, I know how to cope well with team work and give others a chance to share their opinion. Listening, to me, is a great way to gain more knowledge.

I also like to be very organized with my work. This helps me focus on one thing at a time and give the task at hand my all, instead of trying to go back and forth between two things and end up with an average result. Although people say listening to music can be very distracting, I find that when I work and listen to soft music, I get more work done than when I try to work with no background sound.

I also have a side hobby of doing makeup.You can view my YouTube channel by clicking on this link:

Starting up my own beauty parlor along side a firm that helps women in computer science or engineering show off their skills and get recognized is my passion. Skills that include but are not limited to coding, software sales, software testing and so on. I feel female engineers do not get enough recognition and my aim is to make them look just as important and useful as the males

  • Education
    • University of Victoria