Chinzakhual Khuptong

Lamka, India

Also as a perverse kids, interested in everything as a teenager. Very wise, understanding and broadminded as of now. I used to change according to times, as I know for sure that time can change me even to the hardest possible ways where there is no hope........... Masala:- constructive in thoughts and deeds usually with unique views of things even though it sounds the other way .Two most important technique I used to read peoples mind obedience and anger and observe their reaction this act as a pivot for further observation Warning:- Pliz don't apply this technique to me I still can read your intention I can put you in the right perspective or vice versa So What is the abbreviation of your name KHUAL? Answer:- K=Kind H=Handsome U=Unique A=and L=lovable(Everybody wants to be handsome though they may not be all having Solomon name may not be wise like king So dont misunderstood me)

  • Work
    • Rayburn College
  • Education
    • Blue Star
    • Rayburn College, Lamka
    • Institute Of Advance Computer Learning
    • Oxford Software Institute,
    • Manipur University