Chioma Ohuoba

The term writer is one of the many words that I can honestly say does not describe me. I have a hard time speaking what I feel and think, much less expressing myself on a sheet of paper. That is why my relationship with writing is a shaky one. My experience with writing has been both good and bad. In high school my writing never received less than an A. My teachers always told me that I had beautiful writing; a great talent for good arguments and the list of lies goes on. I call it lies because when I came to college, I received the opposite about my writing. An easy English course turned into my worst nightmare, because I was not doing as well as I had hoped. Writing became a chore to me like an annoying task that I just cannot complete well enough. Need less to say, I improved and worked on my weak points, which I never knew I possessed. The problem was not my writing, but my grammar as wells as developing a strong thesis. No one ever brought that to my attention before. Writing has a way of knocking you down but I learned that I would eventually get back up if I tried hard enough. As I continue my journey with writing, my goal is to mend a broken relationship. I want writing to come naturally to me and not be such a chore. My relationship with writing is a work in progress but this struggle is what makes me the writer I am today, that is if you consider me one.