Chip Brown

Born and raised in a small town in Ohio Chip learned very quickly that if you wanted something to be successful YOU had to make it happen. Chip learned to overcome many opinions and stereotypes put on him by others who thought he would stay in that small town and be another factory worker or go to a trade school. Chip's vision of life was much more than that and he intended to prove it! Working his way through college and the University of Cincinnati Chip realized that if he was going to be a true business leader he needed a solid foundation. That was when he decided that he was going to shoot for an MBA from Harvard. No one in his family had graduated from college much less gone to a school like Harvard so Chip knew that this was to be a challenge. He took two years after college to work and save money for his MBA program. Being accepted was only the first step in what would become many challenges that lie ahead. ajdflk aklfdhjld dlsfj;lad halkfjsdal hasldfjdasl hadslkfjads