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Hundreds years history of Chinese cheongsam dress, it is the innovation history obtained many things, what is more, it is the concentrate of shanghai culture. With many movies and TV dramas on the air, Chinese cheongsam dress is become popular again.

The origin: dress of Manchurian

Qipao (cheongsam=旗袍), as the literal means, it is the dress of Manchurian. Han nation women began to dress this kind of dress since the Revolution of 1911.

Fusion: developed slowly

With the Manchurian rule went into Beijing, cheongsam dress became the imperial dress, but qipao dress in this period is not the same as the cheongsam in modern sense, they are different from each other in patterns, cutting and decoration. Outside the imperial household, with the fusion of nationalities, the woman dress of Manchurian and Han nation learned from each other, then be similar in pattern and style. During the Qing dynasty, the fusion was proceeded slowly and continuously all the time.

Fresh: Shanghai girl students was the first Han nation woman to dress qipao dress

After Qing dynasty ends, cheongsam become the popular dress of Han nation woman. According to scientific research, there were Han nation woman dressed cheongsam dress in 1913s. The earliest Han nation woman who dresses qipao dress were girl students in Shanghai, they dressed loose blue cheongsam on the street, evoke envy from all the women, and it become the symbol of

civilization and fashion, women from different field jump to follow suit.