Chipper R

My writing is a busy street. There are usually many ideas flowing through my writing, just as there are many cars, people, construction, runners, and many other things in a busy street. Although everything may seem jumbled in this street there is some order, the cars are on the street with traffic symbols, the people are constrained to the side walk et cetera. This is similar to my writing because although I try to include many thoughts and ideas they do abide to the rules of grammar and are restricted to their own paragraphs and sentences. The ideas in my writing are added to accomplish a certain goal just like all the things in the street are working are working toward something. The people are walking toward a destination, the cars are headed somewhere, joggers are exercising, construction workers are building something for good, and so on. So my writing is busy with thoughts yet constrained to some guidelines in order to accomplish a goal. dustin enriquez