Chip Reichenthal

Chip Reichenthal(RYE-kin-thall) is a published Author and Radio Host who has been fascinated with the afterlife and its research element for over 30 years, since speaking with his best friend at the time of the best friend’s death in 1979. Chip comes to us with vast background in paranormal investigation and research, and has had success in metaphysical elements as well, with a past as a Spirit Medium and an excellent grasp of Tarot. Chip has a unique outlook, as his early experiences with “Ghosts” or the dead were with friends and family members who passed, and he sees his entry into paranormal experiences as ‘love-based’ rather than ‘fear based’, and he feels compelled to help others see ‘Spirit’ in terms of respect rather than fear. Chip adamantly believes people interested in investigating ‘hauntings’ should research those thought to be ‘Ghosts’, and honor the history of those ‘Ghosts’ by engaging them with courtesy and respect, thinking they’ve lived lives worthy of respecting, as we would our elders. To date, Chip has never been negatively encountered by ‘Spirits’ due to these methods, and hasn’t even received an ‘EVP’ with angered tones or foul language. As long as Chip has a voice in our industry, he will try to encourage positive aspects behind communication with discarnate energies, and help to present these energies in a positive light.

Chip hosts his own Radio Shows, the latest, “Understanding the Fringe: The Kinder Side of Afterlife Science” runs currently on the Dark Matter Radio Network, an internet radio network which will bring the return of legendary Radio host Art Bell back to radio in July of 2015, and Chip’s show speaks to reasons to find room for kindness, respect, love and light in dark realms like paranormal, metaphysics and UFOlogy, and furthers a platform Chip uses in his lectures on ‘The Kinder Side of Afterlife Sciences’. Chip also has a show, (currently on hiatus) “Beyond the Norm”, which hopes to get answers to metaphysical and scientific anomaly and speaks to many theorists and expert voices in science, physics, metaphysics, paranormal, UFOlogy and parapsychology to help expose new theory and practice. That show airs on the A1B Radio Network. Chip has been a researcher, historian and investigator for the Glory Haunt Hounds Paranormal Team, with the Team’s leader John Tobin, and Chip had a popular Radio Show with John called “Keeping the Spirits Alive” which ran on the Dark Matter, A1B, Para-X and DTM Wicked Radio Networks.