Chip Wilson

I help small to middle-market companies identify critical opportunities and tackle them head-on.

I do this by assessing the external forces facing a company, the needs of its customers and its competitive position. Then I focus internally - asking questions, analyzing data, and observing people and processes in action. My purpose is to understand how a company creates value and gain insight into how we can maximize it. I look for simple, measurable actions our team can take to achieve clear objectives along the path toward attaining our larger goals. I use data-driven feedback to help keep us on target, correcting course on the fly as necessary, and close the loop by implementing systems and processes designed to ensure consistent, recurring success.

In short, I connect the big picture to the bottom line.

Think of me as your “pulling guard” - equally comfortable in the Boardroom and on the front line, helping devise the game plan and relentlessly pushing downfield as the play unfolds. I love building and leading winning teams that break down barriers and enable individuals to perform at their highest level so our team can achieve outstanding results.

People who know me best describe me as “inquisitive” and “a quick study”. These traits help me see situations from multiple angles, break complex problems down into manageable tasks and systematically remove impediments to success. I value history and tradition, but believe they should never constrain a team’s field of vision. No organization should fear the question “Why?”

I’ve been CFO for 3 companies and stepped into the role for 7 more across industries ranging from technology to fishing, consumer products to software. Strategy, business development, M&A and improving financial operations are my strengths. As a banker, I also spent 15 years raising capital and closing deals.

I love to discuss intriguing opportunities and the challenges facing your organization.Contact me at