Gabriel Arnulfo Romero Morales

My name is Gabriel Arnulfo Romero morales ; I sixteen years old; I was born in Bogota, I live in chia , i work in aguapanelas.I like playing the guitar, playing soccer ,drawing and writing song and writin poems,I've always lived in chia . I practice soccer every day from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. I hace six pets,they're dogs.

My parents are Gabriel Romero and gladys morales.

Something curious above me is that I have 6 aunts and uncles 5 by Parties of my mother approximately 33 cousins by her, and by my father have 3 aunts and 8 cousins is to say we are a big family where the basis of everything is the unconditional support between each.

My dream is to know paris "love city" know their culture, I also want to know Singapore and Russia, my dream is to work as a soccer player.

I'm fan of Independiente Santafe ''The first champion'' I usually go to the stadium.I like studing all kind of things related with the soccer or thing that deal with english.

In 2013 I graduated apart from Bachelor, technician in business management accredited by the SENA, in the field of football also was important to attain achievements as a dispute at national level tournaments, I get married with soccer and will die with him.

  • Education
    • I'm studing internacional trade in the university ECCI