Chiquita Animal Hospital

Located at 3714 Chiquita Boulevard in Cape Coral, Florida, the Chiquita Animal Hospital provides many pets with affordable quality health care. The Chiquita Animal Hospital treats a wide variety of small animals, including common feline and canine household pets and many avian species. The Chiquita Animal Hospital utilizes the wide range of specializations afforded by its qualified staff. With decades of experience in the field, Dr. Gluhm graduated from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1968. Dr. Gluhm offers his services in general medicine while focusing on issues related to small animal dermatology. Dr. Hollenbeck, another veterinarian available at the Chiquita Animal Hospital, earned her veterinary degree from Cornell University after completing a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science at the same institution. A specialist in feline medicine and behavioral problems, Dr. Hollenbeck treats the animals brought to her with the same care she uses while handling her own rabbit, two dogs, and many cats. Another member of the Chiquita Animal Hospital’s veterinarian team, Dr. John Kacoyanis, frequently offers tips on how to best care for pets in day-to-day life. In articles that appear in the Chiquita Animal Hospital’s regular newsletter, Dr. Kacoyanis details the factors that cause arthritis and explains how to lower a pet’s anxiety. A specialist in medicine for dogs and cats, he also shares anecdotes from his own life with animals. The Chiquita Animal Hospital of Cape Coral, Florida, believes in the efficacy of annual wellness examinations for all of the animals within its care. The distemper vaccinations, or “core vaccinations,” are included in the hospital’s yearly wellness examinations. The Chiquita Animal Hospital carefully suits all of the protocols for each vaccination series to the specific situation and lifestyle of each pet. Dedicated to providing comprehensive service, the Chiquita Animal Hospital offers dental care to all patients. Dental diseases are increasingly common as pets age. Dangerous if untreated, these diseases can spread infections within the body and ultimately cause organ failure. The Chiquita Animal Hospital supports good dental hygiene with fully modern nitrogen-driven dental cleaning equipment, while also providing advanced care with dental digital x-rays and pain management.