Chiraag G

London UK

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Latest project, launched, maintaining CMS with products at the moment, automating EPOS and website connectivity for stock control.

Certified ScrumMaster as of March 2014 via the Scrum Alliance thanks to training from David Hicks.

My last role was Head of Medical Devices EMEA at GBI Research.

Previously Head of Clean Technology and Semiconductor Divisions at GBI Research (EMEA).

Missing IT, brushing up and looking to go back in!

That's the career based stuff done.

Currently studying in my spare time via

"Designing and Executing Information Security Strategies"

"Interactive Programming in Python"

Also dabbling in Ruby and looking to get back into the HTML game with the advent of 5. It's been a while since Javascript was used to make Pac-Man games in these hands!

Interest building in Agile frameworks because I am ALL about that side of the tech world; just need to build experience!

For now I steal from my G+ profile:

I learn everything, I dispel all myths, I am absorbent without limitation.
There is nothing I do not want to know or learn about.

I will make you smile, even if it is an afterthought of you laughing with or at me. :)

Technology, Geeky stuff, Cars, Music, T-Shirts, LED Lights, Mobile and Gaming. Yum. I love London...