chirag garg

I was born India , Ghaziabad and grew up in the same city, Software Engineer , a suburb of computers and Market.

My father is a shopkeeper in Ghaziabad, so I grew up working in all aspects of the business. I feels good in business- selling , purchasing etc.

I graduated in 2008 from ABES-IT, Ghaziabad with a degree in Computer Science. I am pursuing M.Tech from IIT Madras, Chennai.

Despite plenty of opportunities to start a company or business, I instead prepared for GATE-2013. GATE preparation is not easy but still somehow I manged.

I cracked all India rank 141 in GATE-2013. I got admission IIT Madras.

I moved to Chennai City and while there I started Engineering there and try to build my self as software engineer.

I took a job at reputed company, NetApp, Banglore NetApp is a good company. I am eagerly waiting to work there.

I admire and am inspired by companies like Apple, Audi, Amazon, American Express, and Costco. I don’t believe you have to sacrifice on quality of product or service to make money and build a successful company.

In my spare time I enjoy movies, poker, food, photography, traveling, and enjoying every single minute of my life.