Chirag Shah


Chirag’s credentials speak for themselves. He’s an award winning salesperson, the Chair of the Young Professionals Network for the Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors, and he holds accreditations in finance, marketing, and real-estate. From his experience and education, it’s clear he’s more than qualified realtor, but when you ask his clients about him, they don’t mention any of these things.
“Excellent negotiator. He got us the house we wanted in the perfect neighborhood.” 05/27/2011 1
“One of the most professional and courteous realtors I have ever come across.” 05/21/2011 2
“Explained everything to my wife and I in very easy to understand terms.” 05/18/2011 3
They’ll talk about his patience. They’ll talk about his knowledge of mortgage finance. And they’ll talk about how he’s a family man and a personal friend. But the reason that Chirag’s clients speak so highly of him boils down to this: he values empowering his clients through education and he works with them as long as it takes to achieve their goals.
Born and raised in Westchester County, Chirag knew he wanted to build his business in the community that he grew up in. After graduating college, Chirag spent time sharpening his understanding of local markets and building relationships with mortgage specialists, attorneys, and home inspectors to compliment his services.
He leveraged his network and experience to found Gateway Realty Corp of New York, where he now serves as the owner and principal broker. Gateway’s innovative team-servicing model provides clients with the highest quality customer service in a way that’s personalized to fit their precise needs. `
Within his community, he is known for his deep commitment to helping people and giving back. Amongst brokers, Chirag is known as the guy that everybody wants to work with. And amongst home buyers and sellers, he’s known for spending ample time to help them make informed decisions that protect their families and their financial futures.