The Chi Rho Community

Llantwit Major

Who are you?
We are a group of Christians who regularly meet together to spur one another on to love and good deeds, with a particular emphasis on the three practices of Presence, Prayer, and Blessing. We believe that the Kingdom of God will be expressed and expanded through our words and our lives as we practice these three disciplines.

What do you do?
When we meet, (at least once per month) we share from our journey with God, we pray and respond to God’s leading.

Specifically, we ask each other how we have been practicing Presence, Prayer, and Blessing since our last meeting. We do this to provide inspiration and accountability for one another.
As the Lord leads, we will actively seek to serve our local community, believing that He has good works for us to do as well as good news to proclaim. Because knowing God, and becoming all we are in Him is our great joy, we are eager to share this joy with others. We actively seek to follow God's lead, inviting all people to discover the beauty of life with the Triune God. These local expressions of God’s love to the community take various forms.

Why Chi Rho?
The Chi Rho symbol, one of the earliest symbols of Christianity, is a Christogram formed by the first two letters of the Greek title for Jesus, “Christos”. We have chosen this name to emphasize the Christo-centric nature of our community. Using this ancient symbol also points to our grounding in the historical stream of Christianity.