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The role of a physiotherapist is quite interesting and also challenging. No two days are the same in his life. He has to diagnose the medical conditions of different types of patients and suggest treatment plans accordingly. At any given point of time, a physiotherapist should help some patients to walk, others to cope with crutches or wheel chairs etc. He should be also capable of educating and advising patients and their families about the ways to cope with a disorder and the appropriate treatment plans.

During the course of a long and interesting career, a physiotherapist might have to handle varied cases ranging from children with cerebral palsy, premature babies, pregnant women, athletes, people who are undergoing rehabilitation after an accident, the elderly people and people who need help following a major surgery, strokes or heart diseases to name a few.

Healthcare, in general, is a combination of art and science. Scientific knowledge and the application of such knowledge in varying health conditions often differ between practitioners. The differences in understanding and use of such knowledge are a critical point to the disparities in care provided. The hallmark of the care provided is the adjustment. Targeted joint or spine treatments from chiropractors can improve spinal mobility, reduce pain, improve the functionality of both the nervous systems and musculoskeletal system. There are differences between chiropractors; some use breakthrough devices while others only offer manual therapies. These differences are critical to your recovery.

Our doctors of chiropractic provide both manual therapies and treatment options through breakthrough devices such as the Rxdecom®. Furthermore, they combine their clinical knowledge and expertise with our physiotherapists. In short, the level of holistic treatment options provided for you is superior to others.

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