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Chiropractic Health Center - Chiropractic Wellness Center in Vienna, VA

Restoring Your Health Naturally! It’s what we do at The Health Improvement Center.

The Health Improvement Center was founded in 1997 in Vienna Virginia. Its purpose is to provide the care you need to restore your health naturally. Offering affordable, natural health programs which are individually designed to meet your specific health care needs.

We are dedicated to addressing your individual needs. You may need pain relief after suffering an accident, experiencing an injury, you might suffer from chronic back, neck or shoulder pain, or a painful spinal condition; our chiropractor will work to relieve you of your pain and achieve your wellness goals!

Our team of chiropractic assistants and Dr. Katie Thompson strive to care for you with excellence. Call us today and stop your pain.

Contact Info:

243 Church Street NW

Suite 100 A

Vienna, VA 22180

Tel: (703) 242-7474