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Chiropractic is based on simple but yet powerful foundation. A healthy nervous system and spine enables the body to respond to the environment and stay in balance. The body can let you know that you may have imbalance by giving the pain. The pain is clear and it is a direct sign that there is a problem. The chiropractor can look into these imbalances by locating & adjusting a musculoskeletal area that is not functioning properly without the use of any chemicals or drugs.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Juno Beach Florida uses different procedures and techniques to help the patients in a quick, affordable and effective way. They take the time to get down & figure out the correct cause of the problem. They can handle all complex cases in an effective manner and provides unique solution for all problems like wrist pain, knee pain, leg pain, arm pain, upper back and lower back pain. Right from infants to people in their golden years can be treated by these professional doctors.

The main core of chiropractic care

Spinal misalignment known as subluxations can interfere with the body’s ability to maintain balance and this can lead to illness. Subluxation can occur when one or more bones in the spine can move out of position and creates a pressure on spinal nerves. This can interfere with the nervous system, which coordinates and controls all the functions of the body. With compromised nervous system, the body can start deteriorating and can get imbalanced. With this the person can have more stiffness and pain. A chiropractor is trained and he locates and corrects subluxations by performing series of adjustments designed to address the imbalance in nervous system and spinal cord. Healthy nervous system can let the entire body function optimally. Health problems can be anywhere from poor posture to car injuries.

What is MCU?

MCU is known as multi cervical unit. Chiropractors near Juno Beach, FL presents an effective and complete system for assessment & rehabilitation for those patients who are suffering from neck pain, WAD known as whiplash associated disorder and general cervical spine disorder. MCU is an advanced technology that can help to perform objective evaluation & standardized treatment. Different benefits are provided by MCU and they are