Cornwell Clinic-Dr. Rondall Cornwell, D.C.

Edmond, OK

Stop trusting your spinal health to just any Chiropractor and rest assured knowing that your well being is a priority at the Cornwell Clinic of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. With a staff of trusted and experienced professionals, Chiropractor Dr. Rondall Cornwell, D.C. has been helping people suffering from spinal injury and back pain since 2002. Using “state of the art” chiropractic techniques such as spinal decompression and cold laser therapy, plus giving patients informative instruction on in home corrective exercises, nutrition, and proving physiotherapy treatment, Cornwell Clinic of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma will have you well on your way to a better way of life. Go to their website today for more information on spinal health and treatment. Don’t forget to sign up and receive their award winning newsletter!