Steven Clark

Consultant in Portland, Oregon

Hello, I’m Steven.

I’m a marketing consultant living in Portland, Oregon.

I specialize in online marketing for chiropractors.

My mission is to help local chiropractic practitioners get more paying customers to their practice via search engine marketing.

Let me ask you a question...

Have you ever done a Google search for your business and found your local competitors ranking ahead of you?

Most business owners do.

The fact is, if your business isn't ranked on page 1 of Google, you're missing out on one of the biggest opportunities for new customers that exists online:

Search engine traffic.

Many chiros don't know this, but Google traffic is the single largest source of

My digital agency sets out to over-deliver for ever client we take on.

If you ask many veteran chiropractors--you'll find that many are now earning less than they did in the previous 10 years.

Our search engine optimization services are designed to get you more paying patients than any other online source.

We're consistently able to get more new patients (including personal injury patients) using our proprietary search marketing methods.

Learn more about my services at