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In recent years, a third type of swimming pool has come on the market - these are known as soft sided above ground pools. One of the most common manufacturers of these pools is the Intex Corporation. These can be purchased at many local retail locations, including home improvement centers, sporting goods stores, department stores and sometimes even grocery stores. You may want to check out simplepooltips for more.

All site preparation and setup is performed by the owner. Intex pools are similar to conventional hard walled above ground models, but they do not have the hard sided steel or aluminum walls. As an alternative, soft sided pools simply use a thicker liner. Some models hold the liner up with a metal frame, others hold the liner up with an inflatable ring that floats on top of the water.

The main advantage of soft sided Intex pools is affordability. Small models are available for as little as $200 to $250. Even the larger models are still relatively inexpensive at around $450 to $700. Another attractive quality, is that Intex pools usually come in a kit that includes all of the pumping, filtering and cleaning equipment that's needed. Yet another benefit is set up time. An in-ground pool can take several weeks to be installed, and a hard walled above ground pool can take several days. On the other hand, an Intex pool can be ready for water within one to three hours after your site has been prepared.

Soft sided pools are an excellent choice if you have not owned a pool before, or if you do not plan to stay at your home for several years. Of course, soft sided pools do not have the longevity of their more permanent counterparts - you may have to replace the entire unit after just a few years. However, this issue is offset by the low replacement cost.

So as you can see, each of the three types of pools have unique benefits and drawbacks. In-ground pools are a great choice if you can handle the expense and plan to stay in your home long-term. Intex above ground pools cost very little and are a wise choice for first time pool owners and individuals who do not want to be tied to a pool long term. Hard-walled above ground pools fall somewhere in between. New pool owners should also spend some time learning the basics of good maintenance. Helpful resources found on the internet can provide plenty of information and guidance on all aspects of maintaining clean water. If th