rudolf grundentaler

Berlin, Germany

Plastic surgery uses special techniques to restore the shape of superficial body areas and the proper functioning of limbs that have either been lost as a result of accidents, tumor operations or advancing age or that are missing on account of congenital malformations. The restoration of the body’s external form includes all types of scars that may impair the body’s correct functioning or lead to esthetic disfiguration and the correction of deformities of the skin, soft tissue and subcutaneous tissue.

Plastic surgery services

Breast surgery, restoration of female breast primarily with the body’s own tissue from the stomach or buttock areas using microsurgical techniques
Reduction mammoplasty (also using short scar technique)
Breast augmentation and firming
Fat transplantation
Male chest:
Gynecomastia, male breast cancer and malformations
Scar correction after burns, injuries or operations; camouflage
Decubitus surgery
Treatment of chronic bone infections
Facial soft tissue surgery:
Larger skin tumors
Facial reconstruction
Reconstructive eyelid surgery
Surgery to correct fat maldistribution
Abdominal wall tightening
Whole body tightening after weight reduction
Sex adaptation surgery for transsexual men/women
Soft tissue reconstruction:
Diabetic foot
Chronic osteomyelitis (also using microsurgical techniques)
Hand surgery:
Restoration of nerves, tendons, nail wall, hand malformations, dermatogenous and tendogenous contractures
Esthetic surgery
Eyelid tightening
Facial tightening
Abdominal wall tightening
Thigh firming
Treatment of facial aging
Correction of body contours and body mass
Wrinkle treatment
Special postoperative patient gymnastics, lymph drainage and compression treatment
Brachial Plexus surgery
Treatment of adult and congenital brachial plexus injuriesTendon transfers after peripheral nerve palsyFree muscle transfers for functional restoration

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    • evangelische Elisabethklinik, Berlin
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    • Charite Universitätsmedizin Berlin