chirutsu 🎐

Artist, Cosplayer, and Student in New Jersey

chirutsu 🎐

Artist, Cosplayer, and Student in New Jersey

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first off, this isn't a byf, u don't HAVE to read it before following, its just kinda if u wanna know me better i guess, or decide if u want to follow or not ?? idk

so im chiru (not my irl name but i like it better idk) i prefer she/her pronouns (they/them is fine tho idc) and im pan

i draw, cosplay, collect anime shit, photograph said anime shit, and fawn continuously over the love of my life, hatsune miku

i love vocaloid, hatsune miku, love live!, osomatsu, and a few other things too i guess

i LOVE making friends but im so Awkward im so sorry

i don't know what else to write here tbh bc im barely aware of my own personality who the FUCK am i

i guess i try to be funny sometimes? and i yell a lot. yes,

i don't kin as anything but i love being tagged as miku just bc i love seeing pics of her (but u dont have to tag me everytime if you don't want to and i won't be salty either)

for this years con season (2016) im attending clovercon (renshuu rin) miku expo (pansy miku) and animenext (cyber rin with an awesome group ily guys)

i have a few accounts:


@mikutards- spam (LITERALLY EVERYTHING)

@chirutsu- art only

@traveling.mood- anime figure photography (warning this acc is pretty weeby ok)


tumblr: main trash bin art only


@chirutsu- bleh just everything

thank u for reading and remember,

hatsune miku is an angel,