Consultant in Vancouver, Washington

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"It is important to embrace change and heartache, learn from it and apply it to our lives". " I have the right to keep trying to get it right!" C. Taylor

As a social worker Chisa has traveled with individuals through the worlds of Corrections, Counseling, Disability services, Mental Health, Substance Abuse and now IT. One could say she is a world traveler.

Skilled at creatively seeking solutions to difficult situations and facilitating strategic person centered planning sets her a part in any field.

Admired for her quick wit, attention to detail and straight forward approach to leading others. Chisa seeks opportunities to be apart of collaborative and diverse teams.

Passionate about travel, Chisa sneaks in trips to her favorite or undiscovered destinations. Bus tours and interacting with the locals gives her an opportunity to learn about the history, culture and vibe that extends beyond what's in history books.

As an avid spectator, recreational time includes watching sporting events, comedy shows, theater, movies and people doing everyday activities.

Chisa's most memorable assets are her smile, compassion for others and belief in do overs.

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    • MSW