Simone Chisholm

Sudbury, Ontario

My Arbonne Business SUCCESS TIME MONEY MAKING A DIFFERENCE WHAT IS MY BUSINESS • Incredible brand of consumable based products for the entire family that are, Pure Safe and Beneficial • It’s a business that - Transforms lives • Health and Wellness company - Superior Botanically based products free of harmful ingredients that WORK HOW DOES MY PRODUCT/SERVICE HELP OTHERS? • Our products work; they provide results that cannot be denied. They are free of GMO’s, chemicals, dyes, vegan, parabens, phylates and gluten free. These are all things that people are concerned about with respect to product and the reason why they read labels. • There is a 35 year history of people who have made huge transformations in their lives, the results are there. • Swiss Formulation - High standards based on European standards • Clinically tested – proven results • Committed to protecting the environment – 0 Carbon footprint with UPS WHY SHOULD PEOPLE BUY MY PRODUCTS OR JOIN MY BUSINESS? • Our products are botanically based, a plant formulation blending the best of science and nature. They are Pure, Safe and Beneficial and they WORK. • Natural products – Vegan, Gluten Free, NO harmful chemicals, No GMO’s • The company is a leader in the Health and Wellness industry and growing quickly but efficiently. 35 Years of success wrapped around the original philosophy of Pure Safe and Beneficial. Extremely high standards following European standards and based on Swiss formulations. The Swiss are world known for superior quality. • The businesses of the next century are entrepreneurial based. Network Marketing is the next boom. Predicted to be bigger than the Dot Com boom creating more millionaires than ever before. • Arbonne fits all of the timing and trends to be one of the leaders in the Network Marketing UNIQUE SELLING POINTS • Clinically tested and proven to be the best products on the market • Botanically based, Pure Safe and Beneficial • Biodegradable • 35 years of being leaders in the industry • Swiss formulations, European Standards WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM ME? • Experienced, passionate, knowledgeable, customer service driven entrepreneur that wants the very best for her clients. This business is a relationship businesses and I want to build sustainable relationships with all of my clients, no matter how small or how big they are.

  • Work
    • Arbonne, Independent Consultant
  • Education
    • St. Anne Secondary School
    • Sheridan College
    • Athabasca University